Facility Services

We employ certified PSWs, RNs, and RPNs who are police reference checked, have current CPR and First Aid Certification, annual medical clearance certificates, and are covered for Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Most importantly, they are great people, who are selected for their sensitivity and warmth. We are confident they will provide professional and compassionate care to your residents. Your feedback is an important part of our ongoing training, guidance and re-direction process. Performance is monitored individually and regular staff meetings are held.

Services Available

  • supplementary staffing (vacation, mat leaves, WSIB leaves)
  • special projects
  • temporary contract work

Call Centre

Unique to Smart Staffing is a contracted 24-hour direct call-in centre for your staff, which complements and supports the human resources role. This “thinking outside the box” approach to managing staffing issues frees up nursing time and energy redirecting it back to the nursing role where it’s most valuable.
We’d like to share the success we’ve had with this program and discuss how it can benefit your organization.


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